Related Units

 Academic Assessment Committee

The Academic Assessment Committee:

  • reviews and approves Academic Learning Compacts (ALCs) for all undergraduate programs, Academic Assessment Plans for all undergraduate, graduate, professional, and certificate academic programs, and all Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Program Goals for each academic program at the University,
  • reviews and approves the Institutional Assessment Plans for General Education and the Quality Enhancement Plan,
  • reviews the scope and validity of assessment measures and makes recommendations to faculty when measures appear to be misaligned with the outcomes or goals they are intended to measure,
  • provides guidance to faculty on all matters related to the assessment of SLOs and program goals,
  • and provides an annual report of its work, findings, and recommendations to the Senate and the President.

Office of Institutional Planning and Research

The Office of Institutional Planning and Research is responsible for providing the university management with information that supports institutional planning, policy formation and decision making; for coordinating responses to inquiries for university-related information and serving as a comprehensive source for information about the institution; and for administering the Board of Governors data collection/reporting system on campus.

 Other Areas: 

SACSCOC Accreditation

SACSCOC UF Quality Enhancement Plan (2024-2029) AI Across the Curriculum