Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Institutional Excellence

The University of Florida held its 4th annual assessment conference, Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Institutional Excellence, on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at the Reitz Union on the UF campus. On this page are links to the videorecorded sessions presented at this event. There were a total of 13 sessions. Eleven sessions were recorded. 

2020 Assessment Conference Program

The presentation videos are listed below. To access the video recordings, click on the presentation title. 




Conference Introductions

Timothy S. Brophy, Erik Black

Welcome to the conference and Introduction of Dr. Miller

 Keynote Address

Keynote speaker: William Miller

Fostering Systemic Assessment and Data Capacity by Managing Process and Personalities

Concurrent Session 1


Shaun Boren, Ja’Net Glover,  Julia Vollrath, Sam Kennedy

Using the UF Graduation Survey to Improve Student Success

Paloma Rodriguez, Mary Kay Carodine, Timothy S. Brophy

Global Learning Gaps: The Impact of Ethnicity and Gender 

Azizah Alogali, Nurah Alsaikhan

Leveraging the Power of Big Data and Analytics to Enhance the Assessment Process in Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia

Frederick Burrack

Integrated Assessment: Programmatic Processes and Institutional Outcomes

Allison Laske, Justin Rose

Focus on Progress and Not the Process:  Create Connections Across Annual Assessments, Program Reports, and Strategic Planning to Decrease Duplication and Increase Impact

Concurrent Session 2

Frederick Burrack

Improving Effectiveness of Assessment: Automated Data Collection and Reporting through Visualizations

Stephanie Calo

Improving the Pronunciation of English Language Learners 

Kate Colello

Providing Catalytic Data Resources: Deciding what to Keep, Cut, and Tweak for Program Review

Jason Fromm, 

Pete Breitinger 

Entrustable Professional Activities: Developing Tools to Foster Student Competency

Concurrent Session 3

Kelli Rainey

Enhancing the Data Environment on Campus

Aaron Thomas

Identifying the Overconfident yet Incompetent in Medical Education through Measures of Metacognitive Accuracy