The University of Florida held its 5th annual assessment conference, Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Institutional Excellence, on Friday, March 26 as a virtual event. On this page are links to the videorecorded sessions presented at this event. There were a total of 20 sessions. 

2021 UF Assessment Conference Program

The presentation videos are listed below. To access the video recordings, click on the presentation title. (Note: we have not recieved permission to link all of the presentation videos).




 Keynote Address

David Miller, Corinne Huggins-Manley

Fairness and Equity in Assessment at the University of Florida

Concurrent Session 1


Natasha Jankowski

Equity and Ethical Imperatives: Assessment and Unintended Consequences

Paul J. Antonellis, Jr.

Lessons Learned: Curriculum Map as an Assessment Tool

Shaun Boren, Marty Dempsey, Ellu Li

Using Regression to Evidence Contributions to Academic Success

Concurrent Session 2

Sarah G. Buxbaum, Torhonda C. Lee, Rima Tawk, Kellie O’Dare Wilson

Aligning and Reframing Assessment across Academic Levels

Jerri-ann Berry Danso, Corinne Huggins-Manley

Fairness and Equity in Higher Education Assessment


Rajeeb Das

A Better Way to Assess High Impact Practice

David Eubanks 

Divergent Writer Development in College

Charles (Billy) Gunnels, Brenda Thomas, Emily Vallier, Melodie Eichbauer, & Tunde Szecsi


Assessing Student Learning in the Era of COVID-19: How Faculty Assessors, Student Assessors, and Zoom Helped FGCU Respond Pro-Actively to the Pandemic

Concurrent Session 3

Brian Keith, Jason Heckathron, Twanna Hodge, Valrie Minson, Bonnie Smith and Laura Spears

Strategic Directions -> Data -> Analysis -> Action on DEIJ

Michael LaBossiere

Earning Faculty Buy In with SAM (Simplify, Automate and Motivate)

Gillian Lord

Authentic Assessment in Language Learning

Will Miller

Cathartic Assessment: Discussion-Based Planning and Reporting during a Pandemic

Tom Dvorske and Jake Morrow

Weird name. Easy Assessment Evaluation

Concurrent Session 4





Melody Bowdon, Rose Beiler, Lindsay Neuberger

Faculty-Driven General Education Program Assessment: Strategies for Effective Development and Implementation

Andrea Barra and Cara Smith

What do Employers Want? How to Infuse Essential Skills into your Curriculum and Make Your Graduates POP!


Mary Watt

“Abandon hope all ye who enter here?” Equitable Assessment in Dante Studies

Melanie Wicinski and Kiwanis Burr

Assessing Assessment: Utilizing a Rubric to Improve Assessment and Communication

Melanie Veige and Tim Young

Improving Student Success in Chemistry