Academic Assessment Models of Excellence

Academic Program Data Reports

One of the measures of a great university is the quality of its academic programs. To fulfill the University of Florida's mission as a comprehensive learning institution that enables our students to lead and influence the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural and societal benefit, our faculty engage in the continuous quality enhancement of UF’s over 500 academic programs annually. In this process, faculty set program goals and establish student learning outcomes, select and implement measures to assess the extent to which the goals and outcomes have been met, and then use this information to monitor and raise the quality of their programs. The faculty submit their work annually to the Office of Institutional Assessment as an Academic Program Assessment Report (See the Program Assessment Calendar). 

The tables below present a sample of these academic program assessment reports from across the university by credential type. The reports present each program's goals, student learning outcomes (SLOs), the measures used to assess the goals and outcomes, the data collected, and the use of the results of these measures to modify and improve the program. However, we have removed all student data file attachments to avoid disclosure of individual student information.

The reports are identified by college. We are grateful to the faculty for their dedication to academic program excellence at the University of Florida. If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about any of the program reports, contact the appropriate College Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator.

2022-2023 Models of Excellence in Academic Program Assessment Reporting


College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Family, Youth & Community Sciences (BS)

College of Health & Human Performance

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology (BSAPK)

Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management (BS)

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Sustainability Studies (BA)

Criminology & Law (BA)

College of Public Health & Health Professions

Communication Sciences & Disorders (BHS)


Graduate Certificates

College of Medicine

Aging and Geriatric Practice Cert G

College of Pharmacy

Applied Pharmacoeconomics Cert G

Clinical Toxicology Cert G

Forensic Death Investigation Cert G

Forensic DNA and Serology Cert G

Forensic Drug Chemistry Cert G

College of Public Health & Health Professions

Public Health Cert G


Graduate Masters

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Soil and Water Science (MS)

College of Journalism & Communications

Mass Communications (MAMC)

College of Public Health & Health Professions

Biostatistics (MS)

Graduate PhD

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Plant Molecular & Cellular Biology (PhD)


College of Public Health & Health Professions

Audiology (AuD)

Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Physical Therapy (DPT)

College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine (DVM)