Required Assessment Reports

All UF assessment units must provide an assessment data report for the previous academic year annually on or before November 1. Academic programs - undergraduate, graduate, professional, and certificate - are required to report on their program goals and student learning outcomes.

  • Disaggregation of online and on-campus student learning data. All programs - undergraduate, graduate, professional and certificate - must disaggredate data for online and on campus students in their reports.
  • Minimum number of students for reporting. The minimum number of unique students required for assessment data reports are: Undergraduate = 10; Graduate, Professional = 5. 
    • Program faculty must still collect data each year on the programs with numbers of unique students less than these minimums, and report the aggregated data in the academic year when the total number reaches the minimum.
    • Program faculty can aggregate data for up to three years before they must report. If a program has not met the minimum number of unique students for reporting in the third year, the college Accreditation and Assessment Coordinator must contact Institutional Assessment.

Data Reporting Templates

To comply with UF reporting requirements, all units must enter their data into Campus Labs Planning using the following guides.

For the calendar and due dates for these reports, please go to Calendar and Due Dates.