As part of the continuous improvement process, faculty review of student learning data may lead to changes in program student learning outcomes, procedures, assessment methods, measurement tools, curriculum maps, assessment timelines, or other components of the assessment process. The modification of Academic Assessment Plans is expected as programs grow, mature, and adapt to advancing discplinary and professional expectations.  

How to Modify an Approved Academic Assessment Plan

Resources for modifying academic assessment plans can be found on the Planning Resources page. If appropriate, see also Use of Grades for Academic Assessment and Use of External Exams for Academic Assessment.

1. When to submit proposed changes. AAPs for exisiting programs can be modified at any time that students are in the program (see the Calendar and Due dates page for the deadlines for submitting changes to existing plans). The modifications must be entered into Campus Labs Planning. Each college has a SACSCOC Coordinator who can assist with this process. Guidelines for developing Student Learning Outcomes, Program Goals, and Academic Assessment Plans are available at Academic Assessment Planning Resources

2. UF Approval System. Once the plan is entered into Campus Lab Planning, the approval process begins. To initiate the approval process, go to the Academic Approval Tracking > Start New Request, and follow the instructions under the “ALC/AAP” tab to submit the appropriate forms for modifying the plan. For a complete list of ALC/AAP approval processes, see ALC/AAP approval process steps.

3. Review process. 

  • Modifications are reviewed by the Director of Institutional Assessment, and recycled for additional clarification if needed prior to the Academic Assessment Committee review.
  • The Academic Assessment Committee then reviews and takes action on the plan at its next meeting. (Important: Proposed changes must be received at least ten business days prior to the meeting at which the modification will be reviewed. See Calendar and Due Dates for submission deadlines).