New Programs

When a new degree or certificate program is approved, contact the Office of Institutional Assessment at Once we verify the approval, we will create a placeholder the program in Campus Labs. Once the placeholder for the plan is in place, the college appointed staff enter the contents of the plan into Campus Labs.

Resources for developing academic assessment plans can be found at Planning Resources.

Academic Learning Compacts (ALCs)

ALCs are required only for undergraduate programs, and are due upon approval of the new program because they are published in the Undergraduate Catalog. ALC submissions include the description of the compact, the program's Student Learning Outcomes (see the Guide for Developing Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes), the program's Curriculum Map (use the Undergraduate Curriculum Map template), and the types of assessments that students can expect in the program. ALCs must be approved by the Academic Assessment Committee.  

To initiate the approval process, go to Academic Approval Tracking > Start New Request, and follow the instructions under the “ALC/AAP” tab, click the link to the approval process for new ALCs, Next, click "Start Approval Process," enter the requested information and then click the "New Academic Learning Compact" radio button to finalize your entries. Once you submit the request, you will open the assigned link and attach the Curriculum Map as a document to the request. All new ALCs must be entered into the approval system not later than ten business days prior to the Academic Assessment Committee's March meeting in order to be reviewed in time for catalog publication.

Academic Assessment Plans (AAPs)

AAPs for new programs are due during the first semester that students are in the program. The new plan must be entered into Campus Labs Planning. Each college has a SACSCOC Coordinator who can assist with this process. Resources for developing Student Learning Outcomes, Program Goals, and Academic Assessment Plans are available on the Planning Resources and Faculty Resources pages.

The Approval Process for New Plans

Once the plan is entered into Campus Labs Planning, the approval process begins. To initiate the approval process, go to the Academic Approval Tracking > Start New Request, and follow the instructions under the “ALC/AAP” tab to submit the appropriate forms. 

New plans are reviewed by the Director of Institutional Assessment, and modifications are requested if they are needed. If no modifications are needed, the Academic Assessment Committee will take action on the plan at its next meeting. (Note: Plans must be received at least ten business days prior to Academic Assessment Committee's next meeting to be included for action at that meeting. See Calendar and Due Dates for the submission deadlines).